Our company is located in Tokyo, Japan, in an easily accessible location near Tokyo Tower. The name of our company, "MAGIE" , was created by picking up and arranging the letters of the words meaning "Management and Achievement Goes the futures by Integration with gEnerate". In an era where the world communicates borderlessly, it is necessary at the same time to have a reality that does not filter the world and a richness that allows us to cherish each activity. Ultimately, technologies are given a chance to mature in society only when they contribute to the enrichment of people's lives. In this era, in order to achieve the purpose of pursuing social functional integrity, as a provider of IT PMO professional services, we will promote social infrastructure in the IT area by promoting project support based on PMBOK, support by tech engineering design, and cloud solution support. In the field of social development, we will build a social development model that fully utilizes our strengths in borderless team building, incorporating support for the promotion of eco-energy strategies on the financial side. Based on the spirit of social integrity that our representative learned from the volunteer activities that our company representative has been involved in for 10 years, we embody the economic prosperity and social integrity that we have been preparing for three years with our core partners. From now on, we will introduce a business model that will. Furthermore, we will support the promotion of environmental initiatives in local communities through business consulting in the carbon offset promotion business. Finally, we will support companies' efforts to support the working environment through the DX Exercise Program, which has a team of strategic experts in the Human Resources field, and aim to generalize the use of owned media through the official LINE introduction concierge service. We will deliver value that can contribute to the prosperity of society.


A quarter of a century has passed since NSPIXP, Japan's first IX, started its service. I feel that what has changed in that quarter of a century is that the world of distance has become a personal world. The world brought about by the evolution of rich content technology, design flexibility in frameworks, cutting-edge technologies such as AI, and the evolution of platformers has already permeated our daily lives in conjunction with the evolution of mobile devices. We will continue to strive to create an environment in which people all over the world can use their ability to think about what is important to each other while taking care of themselves by increasing the number of safe digital environments that people take for granted.


I think that the evolution of technology and the incubation of new technology into the world is the very passion of the people who create it for human society. In any technology, the most important thing is the process of how it is used and how it evolves. And in a project that requires team building, whether or not you can take care of each other is actually important for the project to achieve its purpose.